Clean Windows Temp files and reboot to Safe Mode

What are Temp Windows files?

Not to be confused with temporary Internet files, temporary program files are files used to store data currently being worked on, or information to be swapped with the operating system or other programs. These files can cause several issues and it as been found that searching for these files or manually deleting these files can help prevent issues or resolve issues with the computer. We suggest you delete all files, not the folders themselves, from the following folders:

  • c:\Documents and Setting\all-users-names\Local Settings\Temp

  • where "all-users-names" is any named folder that is present in the "Documents and Setting" folder.
  • c:\Windows\Temp on Windows XP
  • c:\WINNT\Temp on Windows 2000
  • c:\Windows\Prefetch on Windows XP

What is Safe Mode

Safe mode is the Windows diagnostics mode. When you start the computer in Safe mode, only the specific components that are needed to run the operating system are loaded. Safe mode does not allow some functions, such as a connection to the Internet. Safe mode also loads a standard video driver at a low resolution. Due to the low resolution, your programs and the Windows desktop may look different than usual and the desktop icons may have moved to different locations on the desktop. We suggest you boot into Safe Mode to remove both the virues and the Spyware/Adware. See the following link for information on booting into Safe Mode.
We suggest you use: Safe Mode with Networking

A TOOL to do both tasks (Vista/XP/2000 only)

We have created the following tool that will perform both of these tasks for you. Click on the following link. you may be prompted for you PID and password. Download (click Save) the file to your Desktop and double-click the Desktop icon to run the program. Vista Users's you need to right-click the Desktop icon after downloading and select Run as administrator.

SafeBoot your Computer

You will also need to following tool, to reboot back in normal mode:

NormalBoot your Computer